5 ways to wear winter fashion, so that your ordinary clothes can also wear a versatile style!




I believe that any girl wants to dress up beautifully when she goes out, especially those who want to meet her boyfriend. So they will have inexplicable yearning and pursuit for clothes, shoes and cosmetics. However, a girl who loves beauty is nothing more than buying and buying clothes at home. However, every time she opens the closet, she finds that there are only a few clothes she can wear. I believe most girls will have this feeling. But even if it is not very brilliant clothing, know how to match or can wear a versatile style!Winter is coming, many girls are full of emotion. I don’t know how to survive the winter last year. Now I’m going to teach you some simple and fashionable clothing collocations in winter. Let you in the winter both beautiful and bright can not be frozen!

First of all, it’s a high collar with a medium length cotton padded jacket on the outside, and then put on a tweed plaid skirt, medium socks and Oxford leather shoes. This kind of dress is suitable for the petite girl. It’s a good match for traveling and dating.

2 inside is a solid bottomed shirt, outside is also a medium length cotton jacket, micro speaker jeans with short boots. This kind of dress is suitable for higher girls, and this kind of piece matching is a good choice for work wear!

3. The innermost layer is a shirt, put on a sweater, and match it with a short cotton jacket. Here is a pair of slim jeans and a pair of white canvas shoes. This kind of dress is also suitable for slightly fat girls. It’s also a good choice to go out to see friends and travel!

4 high collar cotton padded clothes, with a bag in hand, is also a micro flared pants, striped socks and a pair of canvas shoes, which is suitable for many types of girls. Suitable for all kinds of going out and dating!

ordinary clothes
Casual solid color

The last one is a Hoodie which is very popular in recent years. The outside is also a cotton padded garment, flared trousers and a pair of high heels. This kind of dress is also suitable for all kinds of girls. It’s also a good match to go shopping with your girlfriend!


ordinary clothes

ordinary clothes

ordinary clothes

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